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DeStress * Nourish * ReNew

Are you concerned about Fatigue, Stress, and Weight? DesiNou LLC and Anna Aycock offers Electro Dermal Screening and LED Light Sessions to help the body return to balance and make you feel better than you thought was possible.


DeStress Nourish ReNew!

Melt away stress as you enjoy a private Light Session. Take a "power nap" and enjoy soothing music while your aching muscles relax and your skin glows healthy. LED Light Sessions use Infrared, Red, and Blue LED diodes that are tuned to specific frequencies to balance each body system. Custom Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Adrenal Stress Balancing, Supplements, Pain Management, and Lifestyle Coaching enhance the healing process. Learn about how amazing LED Light Sessions are for Fatigue, Mood, Inflammation, and Pain! Go to

Electro Dermal Screening (EDS): Find out which body systems are stressed or weakened and learn about ways to bring the body back into balance.

EDS takes conductive measurements at different acupuncture meridians on the skin. Meridians tested include Allergy, Circulation, Endocrine, Liver, Lymphatic, Brain, Lung, and Skin. Stress and toxins cause illness. EDS and Light help restore balance to the body.

Custom Essential Oils:

Try an Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) session to find your personal Essential Oil Recipe. Purchase from your own source or let us prepare a blend for you. Wear your custom blend for emotional balance, stamina, and immunity.

Natural Adrenal Balance:

Use Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) to discover ways to reduce pain and inflammation. Remedies include supplements, essential oils, homeopathy and lifestyle changes that support your Adrenals and Brain. Try LED Light Sessions with Infrared Light for increased vigor and stamina.

Healthy Weight:

Electro dermal screening (EDS) can help you find a custom balance of healthy fats, amino acids, and foods that help you feel satisfied. Eat nutrient rich super foods instead of processed foods that leave you depleted and craving more food. Use LED Light Sessions to increase circulation, detoxify, and provide better balance.

Determined to Detox:

Which of the several detoxification methods are best for you? Electro dermal screening (EDS) can help you find out. Increase energy and stamina by ridding the body of burdens of yeast, metals, and toxins. Anna Aycock's remedies include homeopathy, cleansing shakes, supplements, and LED Light Sessions. Studies show that red and infrared light stimulates nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a key factor in the detoxification process.


Anna Aycock DBA DesiNou LLC is not a medical professional and does not claim to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Evaluations focus on inherent constitution and temperament for the sole purpose of helping the client improve general health through nutrition, habits, and attitudes. Anna Aycock cannot determine specific disease conditions or replace the diagnostic services offered by a licensed physician.


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