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Emotional Balance

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears."

Psalm 34:4

Negative feelings and emotions can become rooted deep in our cells and vital organs. These negative emotions resonate destructive energy patterns that can correlate with physical symptoms. In the same way that we benefit from detoxifying harmful substances like artificial food additives, we can also improve our health by clearing out or reprogramming harmful thoughts and emotions. LED Light Sessions are a wonderful way to rid the body and mind of inflammation causing stress. Learning to relax deeply helps bring the body into the healing state of parasympathetic dominance.

Emotional Balance involves identifying these deeply buried thoughts and releasing or re-programming them with the help of specific essential oils, Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional support, color remedies, and prayer or self talk. Emotional Balance works well as a supplement to counseling and psychotherapy. Emotional Balance does not replace the services of a counselor, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist